Small Space Gardening

What does “small space gardening” mean? Do small space gardening techniques differ from a large space? Yes, even small spaces can provide abundant food, beauty and resilience for their gardeners.

In this session learn key concepts, explore your motivation and discover that no matter what your garden yields, it’s always worth the wait. 

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Unlock the full potential of your space!

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Ashlie Thomas
Ashlie Thomas
The Mocha Gardener
Ashlie is an author, gardener, and food security advocate known on social media at The Mocha Gardener. With a passion for growing her own food in her home garden, she is dedicated to inspiring others to learn how to grow food, and helping bridge the gap between food security and chronic diseases in rural communities.
How to Become a Gardener
By Ashlie Thomas
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March 16-31, 2024

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