• Growing Herbs Indoors and Out

    Herbs are often a first choice when starting a garden, and Debbie Wolfe covers a variety of herbs that can work both indoors and outside. Those with small spaces or big ideas may want to tune in for some inspiration on how to use these multi-functional, often-fragrant plants.

  • An Engineer's Approach to Houseplants

    In this session, Darryl Cheng brings an engineer's mind to the joy of keeping houseplants at home. Darryl will help demystfiy the language of keeping houseplants and bring clarity to new houseplant parents' understanding of water and light needs using the ABCs (aesthetics, biology, companionship).

  • Pause with Plants & Cocktail Hour

    We all can use a deep breath sometimes and Brittany Gowan walks us through taking a moment to ourselves among our greenery and what plants can teach us about meditation. For those who have difficulty sitting still or need a breath to themselves, this session is for you.

  • Wild & Wacky Plants plus European Trends

    In this unique twofold chat, Michael Perry walks us through European garden trends and then shifts into wild and wacky plants, a few of which you may want to add to your collection at home. Join for an engaging presentation while you sip your beverage of choice.

  • Secrets to Orchid Success

    Orchids are often the first indoor flowers or even houseplant that many people try, and Chris Satch is here to help clarify why some are easier to care for than your average grocery store Orchid. For those looking to grow gorgeous showy blooms indoors, this session is for you

  • Secrets to a Lasting (Plant) Relationship

    With an engineering background, Darryl Cheng approaches houseplants a bit differently. Check out the science behind the ideal in-home conditions to make your houseplants thrive.

    Khalid of The Barrel Age has curated cocktails for each houseplant happy hour session. Join in the fun by checking Ins...

  • Eight Ways to Grow More Joy in Your Work Day with Plants & Cocktail Hour

    Join Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast host Maria Failla for tips on how to cultivate joy in your work space using plants and what they can teach us. Gain new perspective on how to breathe life back into your workday