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Watch this video and more on Great Grow Along


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Transplants vs. Direct Seeding Pros & Cons


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  • Transforming Houseplants with Light

    Outdoor gardeners generally have a good sense of their sunlight exposure and indoor grow ops have well documented instructions to follow – but houseplant owners are left with vague, hand-wavy directions like “bright indirect light” – which leads to dramatically different interpretations and resul...

  • Lose the Lawn - Grow Food Instead

    Want a more productive front yard, back yard, side yard… any yard? Jill Ragan – author of Tiny But Mighty Farm – walks you through planning your productive, food growing space no matter how large (or small) it is.
    Among other important points, this session dives into the sometimes confusing topic...

  • Trellis Tricks for Vertical Growing

    Growing up is a great strategy whether you’re short on space or not. Trellising keeps plants tidy and off the ground, improves air circulation, reduces disease and maximizes growing space. Wendi shares her tips and tools to take advantage of all these good outcomes and more.