Virtual Garden Festival

Virtual Garden Festival

2 Seasons

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Virtual Garden Festival
  • Growing Herbs Indoors and Out

    Episode 1

    Herbs are often a first choice when starting a garden, and Debbie Wolfe covers a variety of herbs that can work both indoors and outside. Those with small spaces or big ideas may want to tune in for some inspiration on how to use these multi-functional, often-fragrant plants.

  • Fun with Fungi

    Episode 2

    Nikhil Arora from Back to The Roots interviews young Te’lario Watkins who has ignited a passion for growing mushrooms and sharing it with others. Join if you’ve been curious about how to grow functional fungus.

  • Seed Starting

    Episode 3

    Time to get those seeds started! Carrie and Dale Spoonemore show us best practices for turning seeds and seedlings into mature plants to be enjoyed.

  • Homemade Fertilizer Hacks: "Do as Nature Does"

    Episode 4

    Working with nature is the way to go when it comes to fertilizers. Marco Thomas shows us how to do as nature does to create fertilizer that will boost your garden to new levels.

  • Pause with Plants & Cocktail Hour

    Episode 5

    We all can use a deep breath sometimes and Brittany Gowan walks us through taking a moment to ourselves among our greenery and what plants can teach us about meditation. For those who have difficulty sitting still or need a breath to themselves, this session is for you.

  • Gardening for Butterflies

    Episode 6

    Butterflies serve many purposes in the garden during their various life cycles and Heather Andrews shares how her gardening has transformed since she has been catering to these beneficial insects. If you’re a vegetable grower looking for ways to incorporate more pollinators or just want to attrac...

  • Foodscaping in Containers

    Episode 7

    Container gardening meets food gardening in this unique spin on growing good food with limited area. Brie Arthur takes you through how to plan for and implement interesting containers that taste good, too.

  • Wild & Wacky Plants plus European Trends

    Episode 8

    In this unique twofold chat, Michael Perry walks us through European garden trends and then shifts into wild and wacky plants, a few of which you may want to add to your collection at home. Join for an engaging presentation while you sip your beverage of choice.

  • Edibles for Three Seasons

    Episode 9

    Ashlie Thomas, aka The Mocha Gardener, walks us through how she saves space and grows vegetables and herbs in spring, summer, and fall in order to get the most out of her small spaces. For those looking for tips, tricks, and tools on how to grow food in any size space.

  • Secrets to Orchid Success

    Episode 10

    Orchids are often the first indoor flowers or even houseplant that many people try, and Chris Satch is here to help clarify why some are easier to care for than your average grocery store Orchid. For those looking to grow gorgeous showy blooms indoors, this session is for you

  • New Naturalism: Designing & Planting a Resilient, Ecologically Vibrant Garden

    Episode 11

    Using native plants can be an attractive way to create a garden that works with the environment and Kelly Norris shows his own garden as an example of how to grow a very natural space with a design eye. Learn how to set up a garden that is great for wildlife and looks great too.

  • DIY topiary

    Episode 12

    Topiary can seem intimidating but Brandon Lark Roberts breaks down what tools and ideas you need to create topiary in your very own garden. Join for a demonstration from what plants to choose to how and when to prune

  • All About Oaks

    Episode 13

    Oaks of multiple varieties get covered in this wildlife-focused chat by Doug Tallamy. Perhaps Oaks have seemed daunting or overwhelming, but Doug breaks down why they’re an important cornerstone to any good ecosystem and why you might consider making an Oak your next garden investment.

  • Secrets to a Lasting (Plant) Relationship

    Episode 14

    With an engineering background, Darryl Cheng approaches houseplants a bit differently. Check out the science behind the ideal in-home conditions to make your houseplants thrive.

    Khalid of The Barrel Age has curated cocktails for each houseplant happy hour session. Join in the fun by checking Ins...

  • Lessons to Grow On: Three STEAM Activities for Kids of All Ages

    Episode 15

    Utilizing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) educational techniques, Em walks us through how to apply these to kids’ gardening activities. If you’re looking for new ways to engage kids outside, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Edible Landscaping

    Episode 16

    Potager blog writer Linda Vater inspires with her creative garden design, making use of edible plants that can look great too. For those who love brilliant design but have always wanted to grow herbs and produce, this session is for you.

  • Five Tips to Gorgeous Dahlias

    Episode 17

    Dahlias are Mara Tyler’s farming specialty and she is here to make them accessible to everyone. If you’re thinking of trying these gorgeous blooms this season or have had trouble in the past, come get some great tips for success.

  • Everything You Know About Bees Is Wrong

    Episode 18

    Join Dave Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation for a chat about how to care for our native bees. If you think of honeybees straightaway, think again, because this talk is about native varieties and how to bee a better neighbor to these pollinator powerhouses.

  • Eight Ways to Grow More Joy in Your Work Day with Plants & Cocktail Hour

    Episode 19

    Join Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast host Maria Failla for tips on how to cultivate joy in your work space using plants and what they can teach us. Gain new perspective on how to breathe life back into your workday

  • Regenerative Gardening

    Episode 20

    If you’re looking for ways to maintain beautiful gardens year after year, Stephanie Rose sets you up for success in this session on managing the ecosystem in your space. This session provides all-natural tactics for gardeners that want to work smarter and not harder.

  • Zone Talk - West, Southwest

    Episode 21

    Offering suggestions for the west and southwest regions of the US, Noelle Johnson offers suggestions from her own garden

  • Kitchen Garden Revival

    Episode 22

    Nicole Burke has an impressive vegetable garden and she walks you through how to achieve a kitchen garden of your own. For those wishing to grow the food you put on your plate

  • Grow Your Garden Up: Tips & Tricks for Trellising to Maximize Your Space

    Episode 23

    Wendi Phan is here to help you grow up, literally! She has tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your space no matter what the size of your garden

  • Zone Talk - Southeast

    Episode 24

    Offering suggestions for the southeast regions of the US, Teri Speight offers suggestions from her own garden, including pruning and care tips.