Food Gardening

  • Growing Herbs Indoors and Out

    Herbs are often a first choice when starting a garden, and Debbie Wolfe covers a variety of herbs that can work both indoors and outside. Those with small spaces or big ideas may want to tune in for some inspiration on how to use these multi-functional, often-fragrant plants.

  • Fun with Fungi

    Nikhil Arora from Back to The Roots interviews young Te’lario Watkins who has ignited a passion for growing mushrooms and sharing it with others. Join if you’ve been curious about how to grow functional fungus.

  • Seed Starting

    Time to get those seeds started! Carrie and Dale Spoonemore show us best practices for turning seeds and seedlings into mature plants to be enjoyed.

  • Foodscaping in Containers

    Container gardening meets food gardening in this unique spin on growing good food with limited area. Brie Arthur takes you through how to plan for and implement interesting containers that taste good, too.

  • Edibles for Three Seasons

    Ashlie Thomas, aka The Mocha Gardener, walks us through how she saves space and grows vegetables and herbs in spring, summer, and fall in order to get the most out of her small spaces. For those looking for tips, tricks, and tools on how to grow food in any size space.

  • Edible Landscaping

    Potager blog writer Linda Vater inspires with her creative garden design, making use of edible plants that can look great too. For those who love brilliant design but have always wanted to grow herbs and produce, this session is for you.

  • Kitchen Garden Revival

    Nicole Burke has an impressive vegetable garden and she walks you through how to achieve a kitchen garden of your own. For those wishing to grow the food you put on your plate

  • Grow Your Garden Up: Tips & Tricks for Trellising to Maximize Your Space

    Wendi Phan is here to help you grow up, literally! She has tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your space no matter what the size of your garden