• Homemade Fertilizer Hacks: "Do as Nature Does"

    Working with nature is the way to go when it comes to fertilizers. Marco Thomas shows us how to do as nature does to create fertilizer that will boost your garden to new levels.

  • DIY topiary

    Topiary can seem intimidating but Brandon Lark Roberts breaks down what tools and ideas you need to create topiary in your very own garden. Join for a demonstration from what plants to choose to how and when to prune

  • DIY Flower Arranging & Trends - Panel Discussion

    A collection of flower presentations curated by the Slow Flowers Society to have you growing your best this season and for seasons to come. If you’re looking for solutions to growing your best plus a design lesson on how to put them together when you bring collections indoors, this session has lo...

  • Fun DIY Hydro Systems for Under $100

    Hydroponics have gained in popularity over the last few years with countertop kitchen gardens that can provide herbs year-round. Learn how to dabble in this hobby no matter your budget, Tyler Baras walks you through what you need, what you might want, and what you can aspire to do with hydroponics.

  • How to Become a Succ-essful Gardener

    Houseplant Guru Lisa Eldred Steinkopf walks you through a collection of succulents that will have you inspired and in awe. If you’ve historically not had luck, tune in to get tips that will help you not “succ”.